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I Love the Smell of a New Website 

New songs, new ideas, new projects. Time for a new website too. 

I'm pretty happy to have a shiny new web spot to clutter up, but more importantly, it allows ME to add pointless new content easier than ever, which mean YOU get more content to scroll past or ignore. It's a win/win, I say. To start: 

  • Three new demos, currently being mixed and mastered for an as-yet unnamed album coming later this year. A
  • All my music and books available now directly from this website,  (still available through the normal outlets as well)
  • A video page - I bet there's a few things there you haven't seen, and more is coming if I get time what with my sky-rocketing music and writing career. I expect Ellen will be calling any day now. Any day. Soon. 
  • Live schedule? Check. Pics of me badly needing a hair stylist? Check. Content that will quickly be forgotten among the seething mass of media and information on the web? Check.

Stay tuned. News about the new album and a Ghost of Maddingbrew sequel on the horizon.

New Songs That Are Certain to Make Me Rich and Famous