My Really Crazy Story

Dave Johnson is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, author, speaker, and heart transplant survivor. Yeah. You thought this was gonna be just another boring biography. And get this: he lived with a total artificial heart for nine months before he got the real deal. What does that have to do with his music? 

After playing with several successful original and cover bands through his 20's and 30's, he was forced to hang it up in 2010 when his congenital heart disease worsened. He continued to write and record and finally received a donor heart in 2016, after spending a cumulative one and a half years living on a cardiac ICU, during which time he recorded and released his album Instead of Wither, as well as his novels The Ghost of Maddingbrew and Lorenzo the Magnificent.. He chronicled his transplant journey in his auto-biography, Conversations from Room 1170  and the companion (double) album of the same name. 

Currently, he plays with several regional acts (Lost Love Horizon, and Against All Odds) and is working on his 6th studio album (check out some new tracks on the home page).. He continues to advocate for organ donation, and his working on a sequel to The Ghost of Maddinbrew. 

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