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Conversations from Room 1170


In 1998, at the age of 27, he was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a genetic heart condition with no cure. His sudden need for a transplant in 2010 launched his family into a race across the country to save his life. This is the story of their journey, their loses, and the lessons learned along the way. A window into the world of organ transplantation and fatal illness for the healthy, a guidebook and story of hope for those who are suffering  on their own difficult journey.

Its companion album, also titled Conversations from Room 1170  pairs with the book to tell the entire story with songs written about and during the events in the biography.

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Loreenzo the Magnificent


When his best friend Marsel is stabbed to death just steps from his palace bedroom, Lorenzo de' Medici suspects those closest to him. Marsel's parting gift: a ragged, bloodstained tome of possible demonic origin, and stern instructions to keep it safe. As Lorenzo stalks Marsel's killer, he unravels a secret world behind the curtain of Florence's art and pious beauty – a world filled with secret societies, carnal pleasures, and a purpose far more important than his inheritance of the powerful Medici legacy. This is the first in an ongoing series following the exploits of a young Lorenzo de' Medici, featuring appearances by Leonardo da' Vinci and Sandro Boticelli.
Historical fiction for young adults and mature adventurers.

The Ghost Maddingbrew


Adis is a professional thief in the crumbling city of Maddingbrew, where corrupt politicians pay her to steal each other’s dirty secrets. When the biggest job of her career lands her in prison, she is thrust into a conspiracy that will drive the city to war with the bloodthirsty Haft Empire. Maddingbrew’s youngest thief must outwit the most powerful man in the city, or else turn from theft to murder to stay alive.

A steampunk espionage adventure for middle-graders.