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You May Have Heard These Before...


Converstations from Room 1170


The double-disc, hard-rock companion to the book of the same name, chronicling Dave's six year journey through heart transplant. A sharp diversion from his previous pop and acoustic rock offerings, this album wears influences such as King's X, Galactic Cowboys, and Alice in Chains firmly on its sleeve.

Instead of Wither


Instead of Wither is a plunge into the excesses of power-pop - layers of keys, guitars, strings, and vocals and songs that call to mind the radio-friendly fare of Queen, Cheap Trick, and The Beatles. Lyrical themes are darker by contrast, grappling with issues of faith and doubt, religion and humanism. 

Straining Toward the Light


Acoustic pop and rock echoing throwback artists like Henley, Hornsby, and Mellencamp. Recorded over a two year period with some of Dave's favorite musicians and co-produced by Perry Carpenter, it remains his faviorite collection of songs to date. 

...between the doubting


The debut album featuring members of Evanescence, Living Sacrifice, and We Are the Fallen. Reflective, acoustic songs that showcase Dave's early forray's into songwriting as a solo artist.